Bob Matyas

Updating to Gatsby v5

Posted on    by  Bob Matyas


Over the past week or so, I upgraded this site to GatsbyJS v5. I followed along with the upgrade document that explains how to move from Gatsby v4 to v5 and was able to get the site running on my local environment without serious issues.

However, when it came time to deploy, things crashed and burned once I tried to generate a build on Netlify. I hit an issue where the site wouldn’t build because of a dependency issue with gatsby-plugin-netlify. I got a helpful tip on how to fix that issue. I then tried queuing the build, and it failed again with an error in @netlify/plugin-gatsby. Dealing with build errors like these are one of my least favorite things about modern web development.

Ultimately, the easiest solution for me was to just move the project over to Gatsby Cloud. I now have the site configured so that it builds on Gatsby Cloud and then pushes the build over to Netlify. It was pretty seamless to set this up following the docs. Now hopefully I can look at implementing new functionality available in Gatsby 5.