About Bob Matyas

👋 Howdy! I’m Bob Matyas, an experienced web developer living in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I like moving pixels around using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

I work as a Happiness Engineer at Automattic where I help folks using self-hosted WordPress succeed using Jetpack. I have past experience as a web designer and web developer at companies, non-profits, and as a freelancer. My job allows me to combine all of my skills from previous positions and draw on them to help people succeed with their own web projects.

Outside of my job duties, I’m passionate about accessibility, user experience, web performance, and the open web. I have been building websites since the late 1990s. I remember the days – and pain – of folks making sites using strange hacks and table-based layouts. We’ve come a long way since then and I love learning the new things coming to the web platform.

When I’m not working online, I’m most likely to be found in probably in the woods, riding a bike, foraging for wild plants, or cooking (hopefully) tasty vegan food.

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