Bob Matyas

Reading this Week

Posted on    by  Bob Matyas

Here's some articles over the past week or so that have caught my eye:

Web Development


  • Inclusive Components - I have been a fan of Heydon Pickering's work for a while now and I'm sure this book will be excellent.


General Web Stuff

  • Firefox at 15: its rise, fall, and privacy-first renaissance - This is a great article about Mozilla's Firefox browser and the influence it had on the web. I've always been a fan of Firefox and it's great to see them continuing to innovate in the area of user privacy.
  • The Web Falls Apart - A provactive piece about the state of the web.
  • Location, Privilege and Performant Websites - "When we design and build our websites with the outliers in mind, whether it’s for performance or even user experience, we build an experience that can be easy for all to access and use — and that’s what the web is about, access and information for all."