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Reading this Week

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Over the past week or so I haven't had as much time to read articles. Instead, I have been using my spare time to work on getting some more practice on Node, Express, and MongoDB. That said, here's a few articles that caught my eye:

Web Development


  • React Handbook - I came across this free ebook via freeCodeCamp. I am a few chapters / sections in and I am treating it primarily as review. It's been an alright read so far and I'm really hoping that when I get to hooks it will offer some important insights.

Other Resources

  • is-website-vulnerable - An NPM script that you can run to find publicly known security vulnerabilities in a website's JavaScript libraries. Its existent is even more of a reason to keep things updated.
  • Build a Classic Layout FAST in CSS Grid - A nice video from Mozilla providing an introduction to CSS Grid.