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JavaScript Bookmarklet for Book Cover Images

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While working on a project to track books, I wanted to find a quick way to get book covers. – a project to aimed at creating a complete digital library – has a nice covers API that allows for this. They have an easy system where covers are always available via a predictable URL and no API authentication is required.

To make the process quicker, I made a quick JavaScript bookmarklet (Github Gist):

javascript: (() => {
  const isbn = prompt("Enter the 9 or 13 Digit ISBN for the book")
  if (isbn != null) {
    const coverImage = `${isbn}-L.jpg`
    alert(`${coverImage}\n\n Cover Image URL Copied to clipboard.`)

You can add it to your browser's bookmarks and it takes an ISBN and returns the URL for cover image and copies it to the clipboard for ease of use.