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Updating a WordPress Plugin's readme.txt File

Posted on    by  Bob Matyas

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For WordPress plugin developers, whenever a new version of WordPress is released, it is important to test your plugin for compatibility. After confirming everything works as expected, you should update the “Tested Up to” value in the readme.txt file to reflect this. Doing so helps build confidence and assures users that your plugin will work with the recent WordPress releases.

To update the readme.txt in a WordPress plugin, you can do the following:

Navigate to your local SVN directory or pull down the directory using:


Update the Tested up to value in the readme.txt file located in /trunk

If you are using tagged releases, copy the readme.txt from /trunk to the release:

cp readme.txt /tags/1.0

You will want to replace /tags/1.0 with the relevant release.

You can verify the changes by running svn diff

Assuming everything looks good, you can commit the changes to

svn ci -m "Updated Tested up to value to 6.1"

Once that is done, changes should be published within a few minutes in the Plugin directory.